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Adaptability is the New Change

60 Minutes
6 months
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Effectively adapting to change isn’t so much about managing change, but managing our minds, emotions, decisions, and actions through the process of change.

In this pandemic, everyone was impacted and forced to adapt. But, becoming more adaptable to change isn’t something we’re born knowing how to do It is a learned skill and many people were caught off guard by the amount of change brought about by the pandemic, and as a result, adaptability skill levels were exposed. In turn, stress levels dramatically increased across the globe. This engaging and interactive presentation shares valuable insights and research on HOW to stay adaptable to our fast-paced world.

Why should you Attend: You’ll learn some of the fastest ways to minimize stress and overwhelm in the workplace, and at home. Why do we resist change? What makes the difference between those who thrive in change and uncertainty, versus those who struggle? How do we respond resourcefully in times of change? How do we minimize stress and anxiety in this ever-evolving world? This engaging presentation answers those questions and more. We can’t avoid change. We can’t control change. But we can become more adaptable to it.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Learn how the brain will instinctively trigger resistance to ALL change and how to combat it
  • Harness tools and strategies to develop new habits to stay resourceful, proactive, and productive
  • Experience the #1 way to trigger motivation, over and over again
  • Experience how adopting a childlike mindset can enhance adaptability in times of great change
  • Participate in the #1 activity to reduce stress, overwhelm and aging

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Employees Looking to Become more Adaptable to Change

George Carroll , the former collegiate football player who was severely injured on the field, shares his dramatic story of overcoming hardship, depression and suicidal thoughts. As a high energy speaker and business strategist for Tony Robbins, his motivational and light-hearted approach inspires others to adapt to life's inevitable roadblocks with optimism, mental flexibility and emotional agility. His engaging delivery will leave you feeling energized, inspired and ready to handle challenges, at work and at home.

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