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Alena Wohl

Talent Management Consultant,

Alena Wohl is responsible for implementing ITS assessment tools, products, and webinars. She is also a contributor to ITS client projects and is assisting our CEO in books related to proprietary ITS talent management research.

Alena is also a Master’s student in Industrial Organizational Psychology where she is conducting research on the impact of remote work on compensation and benefits for her thesis.

Recorded Webinars

Best Practices in Virtual Onboarding

Join us to learn about trends, current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience VIRTUALLY in order to build commitment, confidence and competence.

Humane Layoffs - How to Let People go With Compassion and Decency

Due to COVID-19 and the current recession, many organizations are in the unfortunate situation where downsizing and layoffs are required in order to sustain the business and survive.

Stop the Revolving Door: How to Finally Fix Employee Turnover Problems

Employee mobility is increasing as time goes on. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., employees only stay at the same organization an average of four years, and if you are a younger worker, it can be less than two years. It is difficult to sustain business continuity, customer satisfaction, and financial success with high turnover.

Creating a Successful Job Rotation Program

Job rotation programs have been used as a common leadership development method in large organizations. Now they are being used for other key positions within companies so that organizations have available bench strength and talent pools available when labor is needed. They are also being used to cross-train staff who may be needed during temporary vacancies, such as illnesses or medical leaves.