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Manage the Chaos, Bedlam, and Pandemonium: Organizing a Productive Day in the 21st Century

November 10, 2022
08:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT
60 Minutes
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Some of the pandemonium in your workday comes from the many emails, texts, appointments, meetings, and team members demanding your time. These are external problems and in this webinar you will learn internal answers to dilemmas external problems create.

External problems cause us to react to the circumstances around us. Many think external problems are beyond their control. Internal answers, however, give us the power to be proactive in handling external problems in an organized way. Internal answers that come from careful organization, meticulous planning, detailed prioritizing, giving associates a time slot when they can have your undivided attention, plus a variety of communication and conversation skills.

The self-discipline or self-management part of productivity is not a passive art; it is an active art. It starts with identifying your objectives, thinking strategically about your goals, and putting tasks on a Master Task List. A Master Task List is a list of everything you must do to reach the goals you have set. It is the big picture and can be easily done in technology tools versus a yellow pd of paper.

The next step in self-management is to plan how to achieve your identified objectives. I call this tactical planning and it involves breaking assignments, complex tasks and/or goals into steps or tasks that can be placed on a daily task list with deadlines you intend to meet. The planning and prioritizing process I teach leads to precise execution.

The strategies in this webinar give you the internal answers for eliminating chaos and remaining calm in the face of unforeseen bedlam and pandemonium, even if caused by others’ lack of planning and proclivity to procrastination.

Why you should Attend: Career success begins with understanding time management principles.

A friend of mine always focuses on the tool, not time management principles. Before digital To-Do lists, he was continually disappointed in the work he completed in a day and blamed his tool for the lack of productivity. Thinking he would solve his problem; he purchased every hot new tool introduced to the market. Now with digital To-Do lists, he keeps switching software programs. It never enters his mind to learn time management principles.

Time management principles precede exceptional productivity. The principles I teach in this webinar are practical and tactical strategies I have practiced for years. They are not theory. They work!

The next element in career success is a tool to organize your days, months, and years. The tool I focus on in this book is Microsoft Outlook, but the principles work in many other tools such as Google Workplace. I give you tips on infusing time management principles into a tool. You may take the ideas and apply them in whatever system you are using.

After understanding time management principles and choosing a tool, you need a huge dose of self-discipline. I can teach you time management principles and how to efficiently use a tool, but I cannot give you self-discipline. That is your challenge and a test you daily face.

Areas Covered in the Session: In this webinar you learn the secrets to these skills that permit you to walk out the door on time, knowing you are in charge of your time and your productivity. Plus you will learn how to:
  • Manage your daily workflow, not just a way to keep track of appointments and meetings
  • Implement the miracle of planning and prioritizing
  • Build clear time frames for tasks
  • Keep track of assignment deadlines
  • Understand the Vital versus Urgent Matrix
  • Keep your mind focused
  • Close out every day and make a road map for tomorrow’s production
As mentioned, a tool is critical to productivity and in this webinar you get simple calendaring tips demonstrated Microsoft Outlook that increase your daily output.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Use the Calendar as a workflow tool
  • Manage reminders and deadlines
  • Move tasks from the Inbox to the To-do Bar, then to the Calendar and the Tasks folder for processing
  • Pace your day to decrease stress and frustration
  • Plan forward versus procrastinating unfinished items
Included: Karla Brandau’s e-book: How to Manage the Chaos, Bedlam and Pandemonium

Who Will Benefit:
  • Administrative personnel
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • Managers at all levels of the company
  • Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Customer service personnel
  • Employees who use Microsoft Outlook for just email

Karla Brandau is a thought leader in management and team building techniques. She trains managers to improve their relationship with the employees to earn their gift of discretionary effort. She specializes in personalities, communication skills, leadership principles. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute and has educated mangers with her proven leadership principles in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America.

She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by National Speakers Association. Karla’s book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, teaches managers how to be the leader people CHOOSE to follow, not have to follow because of their position on the organizational chart.

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